GUT Armor – Monthly Subscription

$69.95 / month

Give yourself the gift of health with this revolutionary gut restoration supplement!

  • Supports healthy intestines and increases GI microbiome
  • Supports the immune system with anti-inflammatory effects
  • Detoxifies the body by promoting regular bowel movements

Did you know that many chronic diseases are related to a toxic and dysfunctional gut? It’s true! Chronic inflammation caused by allergies, obesity, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and other health conditions are all associated with leaky gut syndrome. This gut restoration supplement is best when added to a small amount of water, or shaken well into a blender shake. It’s completely normal for the mixture to thicken when added to water — simply mix thoroughly and enjoy!

What’s included:

  • A 30-day supply of GUT Armor (one scoop per day)

Don’t wait to give yourself the gut you deserve. Order your 30-day supply of our gut restoration supplement today, and be sure to look at our other vitamin and mineral supplements before you check out!

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Exceptional intestinal barrier support and improved GI cellular function. GUT Armor delivers mucosal barrier support while increasing the production of “good bacteria,” short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs), and phospholipids to promote a healthy GI tract.




Proven immune system support for a healthy and effective immune response.



A superior group of high-molecular weight, stable prebiotic fibers proven to increase the number of healthy microbiome flora in the GI tract. These fibers also naturally detoxify the body and promote a healthy weight by inducing a feeling of satiation. These fibers also support a normal microbiome balance which prevents “bad bacteria” from sending messages to the brain to overeat the wrong foods, which further supports weight management.




Potent anti-oxidant and soothing, effective anti-inflammatory support with several powerful ingredients to help reduce inflammation and inflammatory responses throughout the GI tract.




Helps to promote normal bowel function, as well as detoxification support in binding, shuttling, and eliminating toxins through the colon.




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