Why You Should Be Using Protein Products

It’s right around this time of the year that New Year’s have long surpassed their expiration dates, and unfortunately, many Americans will find themselves demotivated and returning to their old habits. It takes grit and willpower to make it to the gym regularly, and if you lift weights and engage in strenuous exercise, supplementing your workouts with a protein product is one of the best ways to promote recovery and muscle growth. In this post, we’ll outline just a few of the benefits of using a protein product. All You Need Nutrition is revolutionizing the vitamin and mineral supplements industry. Buy protein products online and shop All You Need Nutrition today!

The Benefits of Protein Products

Muscle Gain 

The primary reason for drinking a protein product at the end of a workout is to promote muscle recovery and growth. Pushing your body to its limits in the gym is great, but the gym is not technically where you will make progress. Contrary to popular belief, muscle growth primarily occurs during sleep. We won’t get too technical here, but when you lift weights, your muscle fibers are torn and pushed to their limits. Your body then begins to repair your muscle fibers in order to prepare for future situations in which it will be subjected to similar stressors.

Given that weight training and other forms of strenuous exercise will break down your muscle fibers, it’s crucial that you eat enough protein each day to give your body what it needs to recover properly. For athletes seeking to make serious progress, it’s recommended that you eat at least one gram of protein for each pound that you weigh. For instance, a man weighing 150 pounds would need at least 150 grams of protein per day to see noticeable results over the course of a few months.

Many athletes find it difficult to eat enough protein for optimal recovery. A standard four-ounce chicken breast contains roughly 21 grams of protein, so you can see how difficult (and potentially expensive) it can be to rely primarily on meat for your daily protein needs. Vegetarian and vegan athletes often find it even harder to meet their daily protein needs, and a protein product supplement provides a convenient and effective means of promoting muscle growth. If promoting muscle growth wasn’t enough to convince you that you should add a protein product to your daily routine, consider the fact that protein products can help reduce your post-workout soreness. If you find that your muscles are constantly sore in the days following a strenuous workout, you may not be getting enough protein.

Fat Loss and Weight Control 

One of the primary reasons that athletes and non-athletes alike use protein products is for their ability to play a crucial role in weight loss and weight maintenance. Fast-acting carbohydrates will spike your blood sugar levels and leave you feeling hungry in a matter of hours, but protein is much more satiating. Protein has been proven to keep you full throughout the day, and drinking a protein shake for a midday snack is a great way to keep yourself from breaking away from your diet. Moreover, numerous studies have shown that people who drink protein products daily as part of a low-calorie diet lose more weight and build more muscle mass than people who do not drink protein products daily.

Protein Products Are Versatile

Protein products are incredibly popular due to their convenience. All you need to do is mix a scoop of your protein product in with a liquid of your choice – what could be easier? If you miss your alarm in the morning or find yourself short on time in the evenings, you can quickly make a shake with your favorite protein product for a nutritious grab-and-go-meal.

While convenience is a top selling point for protein products, one of the best parts of using a protein product is the taste. Advances in technology have allowed protein product manufacturers to develop flavors that taste amazing, making your post-workout shake something that you look forward to. Water, skim milk, and even low-fat yogurt are great additions to your daily protein shake. Vegan and vegetarian athletes can mix almond, soy, and coconut milk into their shakes to add flavor and richness.

Protein products are more than just an ingredient to be used in a shake – they can be used to make muffins, cakes, protein pudding, and so much more! The best part about these recipes is that they’re designed for athletes, so they tend to have little or no sugar in the recipes.

You work hard in the gym every day, so make sure that you’re getting the most out of your workouts. Supplement your daily workouts with a protein shake to promote recovery, muscle growth, and to reduce soreness. Shop All You Need Nutrition today for protein products, complete vitamins, gut restoration supplements, and so much more!