The Benefits of Taking a Multivitamin Supplement

Have you ever wondered if you should start taking a multivitamin supplement? There’s quite a bit of misinformation surrounding multivitamins and their benefits, and in this blog post, we’re going to clear up some of the confusion. While you should always consult your doctor before beginning a new supplement regimen, multivitamins can provide your body with numerous benefits. All You Need Nutrition proudly supplies multivitamin supplements, protein products, and more! Shop our online supplement store today!


If you find yourself feeling sluggish, dull, and constantly needing to take a nap, a multivitamin supplement may be able to help you restore your energy levels. There are multiple reasons why you may be feeling run down and out of energy, but if you eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly, a vitamin deficiency may be the cause of your constant fatigue. Severe vitamin deficiencies are a prominent cause of fatigue, and a multivitamin supplement with adequate amounts of B vitamins (and in particular, B12) can play a key role in restoring your energy levels. 


Nutritional deficiencies have been shown to lead to depressive symptoms as well as an increased susceptibility to stress. A recent article published in Prevention notes a meta-study performed on roughly 1,300 adults who regularly took a multivitamin supplement for one month. Those who regularly took a multivitamin supplement noticed a nearly 70 percent decrease in their daily stress and anxiety levels! This marked increase in the well-being of adults in the study was likely caused, at least in part, by the B vitamins in the supplements. Cortisol and other hormones produced by the body’s response to stress deplete the body’s reserve of B vitamins, and correcting this deficiency can do wonders for the nervous system.


The thought of losing your memory is truly terrifying, but significant progress has been made in recent years regarding the mechanisms by which memory loss and deterioration can be slowed and prevented. As we’ve noted in the previous two sections, adequate vitamin B levels are crucial to sustaining your mental performance, and your memory is no exception. Omega-3 fatty acids have also been shown to help people with mild and moderate cases of Alzheimer’s disease. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in fish, nuts, and high-fat meats, but vegetarians and those wishing to avoid eating meat will be happy to hear that flax oil and sunflower oil can provide omega-3 fatty acids as well. Our All-In-One multivitamin supplement provides B vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and so much more!

Hair and Skin

Adequate nutrition is the key to healthy and radiant skin, and a multivitamin supplement can also benefit your hair and scalp. Vitamin C has been shown to rejuvenate the skin and promote a glowing complexion. Vitamin A, which is commonly found in sweet potatoes, carrots, and other orange and red foods, promotes anti-aging effects in people of all ages. People regularly taking vitamin A supplements report improvements in their complexions as well as a reduction in their wrinkles.

Omega-3 fatty acids also play a key role in the maintenance and promotion of healthy skin and hair. Roughly 3 percent of hair follicles are composed of omega-3 fatty acids, and regularly taking an omega-3 fatty acid multivitamin supplement can help you strengthen your hair. You may even find that your hair has a brighter shine and appears thicker after taking an omega-3 fatty acid supplement!

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